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Today’s Christmas lights are safer and more energy efficient than ever before.  However, there are still a few fire safety tips that you should take into consideration to prevent the need for Longmont fire damage restoration services this holiday season. 

When you pull those lights out of the attic and dust them off, check them carefully from one end to the other for frayed wires and broken bulbs. If you find any, we recommend throwing the string away and replacing it with a new one. As you hang the lights, make sure you do not string more than three strands together on the same plug, as this can overload the strand, creating a fire hazard. Also, buy an inexpensive timer and set it up so that your lights go off about an hour after you go to sleep. This will lower your energy bill and prevent the lights from overheating and starting a fire.


In the unfortunate event that you experience fire damage in your home, you should call Rainbow International® for professional fire restoration service. It is important that the cleanup begins as soon as possible.

Smoke residues are acidic in nature and with time they will cause surfaces to corrode and stain permanently. Smoke residues that were pressurized during the fire will permeate cracks and crevices of building materials and deposit odor-causing residues.

Rainbow International’s fire restoration service professionals will work quickly to stop the smoke damage and restore your home and contents back to pre-fire condition by using cleaning systems and equipment that will help eliminate costly replacement of restorable items. Smoke odors can be difficult to remove due to its penetration and absorption into building materials. Rainbow International’s fire restoration service providers have the knowledge, products and equipment to permanently remove these stubborn odors. Place your Rainbow International phone number next to your emergency numbers and call us for an estimate of smoke damage repair in the event of smoke or fire damage.


Do you have Water Damage? It is time to call Rainbow international for Water Restoration. Fort Collins Homes and those in the surrounding areas can be affected by water damage in a variety of different ways, but the most common is a plumbing failure. When water damage occurs, it is important that you locate a water restoration company that is well trained and has the equipment to completely dry your home as quickly as possible.


Today’s carpets have built-in protection against most spots and stains, making cleanup easy and quick. As a carpet ages, this protection wears off, making removal of spills more difficult. Some spills, such as hot drinks or pet urine, can break through the protective finishes on brand new carpets, causing stains that are difficult to remove. Color-added spots such as Kool-Aid™, mustard or red wine can actually dye your carpet fibers and make stain removal very difficult.

Your Rainbow International Service Professional has a full arsenal of stain removal products to assist in removing even the most difficult spots. Some Rainbow International locations have Service Professionals on staff who are capable of repairing stains where color has been removed such as bleach stains or peroxides from acne medications. In situations where the stain is permanent, your Rainbow International Service Professional may be able to section in a new piece of carpet in place of the damaged piece without having to replace the entire carpet. The majority of odors that we are asked to remove are a result of pets that stay indoors.


Concern about mold growth has increased as homes, schools and business owners have become better educated about the health risks of excessive mold exposure. These health risks as identified by the Environmental Protection Agency can range from allergic reaction, asthma or even worse. In most homes today, children tend to spend more time indoor playing video games than outside which makes them more at risk for these types of afflictions. In addition, our elderly live a sedentary lifestyle which also puts them at risk for contracting airborne illnesses.

Rainbow International® mold clean up professionals can help eliminate this threat. Our trained experts will come to you with the equipment, technology, and established processes needed to identify mold problems where they exist, clean and restore the environment, and take measures to prevent the problem from reoccurring -- complete mold remediation.


Proper and safe response to any biohazard scene cleanup requires the presence of trained professionals. Rainbow International® offers service technicians skilled and trained in the safe and efficient cleanup and decontamination of biohazard scenes. Our crime scene cleaners come to the jobsite with the latest in technology, equipment and processes. However, they also bring the most important elements such jobs require: customer focus, care and respect. Rainbow International crime scene cleaners are educated to safely and quickly remove a variety of biohazardous materials and to follow-up with proper disposal (according to OSHA regulations). Biological Hazard & Trama Scene cleanup will arrive onsite with all the required safety equipment, cleaning products and post-job disposal supplies. After a job is complete, an unhealthy and potentially hazardous environment is transformed back to pre-event condition.


Carpet cleaning in Fort Collins is a must, especially with our dry, dusty windy climate and our love of everything outdoors. Most manufacturers of carpet recommend carpet care service at least once per year. In fact, in places such as Fort Collins carpet cleaning, is required every 18 months by a IICRC carpet cleaning company that uses hot water extraction, or your warranty will be voided.

Today’s carpets are engineered to capture and hold particulate soils that may not be visible, but can cause damage due to their abrasive nature. Your carpet actually performs as a good filter, removing particulates from the air so that they do not become airborne. Just like any other type of filter, carpets need to be cleaned or a buildup of soil will occur.