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Rainbow International sees thousands of clients every year, and we do much more than fire and water damage restoration. We are your one-stop big-cleaning solution. If you have considerable mold problems, we can clean them up and get your home back to normal. We also offer top-of-the line carpet and stain cleanup so that you can impress your guests, your mother-in-law, and even your spouse.

If this is not enough, we also provide biohazard cleanup services that are professional, compassionate, and incredibly thorough. So no matter what you need or what disaster you are facing, we can help you clean it up and get back to your life as quickly as possible. 


Runoff sounds like something that rolls down from mountain peaks and turns into roaring rivers. It is beautiful in this setting, but it can be one big headache if it affects your home. Millions of homes experience problems caused by runoff every year. In some cases, it is caused by the placement of the home on a flood plain or in a low-lying area, while in others runoff can result from poor drainage from your gutters and other water systems.

To fight the effects of runoff and prevent the need for water damage restoration, Cheyenne, it is essential to do your best to protect your home from water. First, make sure that all of your downspouts extend at least 10 feet away from the foundation of your home. Then check for cracks and seepage areas. You may need to call in a professional to help you with foundation work, and if you need help cleaning up after runoff damage, please call Rainbow International. 


Condensation buildup is one big bad guy when it comes to basement water damage cleanup. It often occurs due to old pipes and rapid changes in pressure, temperature, and humidity. Condensation is the perfect breeding ground for mold. To protect your home, we recommend keeping your basement as warm and dry as possible. Insulate low-hanging pipes, and never store wet firewood or dry clothes down here. If you notice condensation, pick a sunny day to open your windows and let out some of the moisture. You may also want to seal off windows and remove any wet furniture or other damp items. Following these simple steps can help you say goodbye to those nasty water droplets, and say hello to a cleaner home and basement. 


Whether it is the firefighters who rush to the scene of the fire or the fire and water damage restoration services who arrive after, you should always call a professional. Nevertheless, there is still a lot you can do to protect your home from fire, and this includes keeping fire extinguishers handy.

You should have three fire extinguishers per home. One should be close to the kitchen in case of an oven, stove, or grease fire, and the second should be placed at an easy-to-remember spot in case of candle or dryer fires. There are also many flammable items in your garage, so it is also beneficial to keep a third extinguisher there. It is also essential to regularly check the expiration date and pressure levels in all of your fire extinguishers, so you can guarantee the safety of your home and loved ones. 


Dishwashers are usually reliable piece of equipment. They work day-in and day-out, making sure your dishes are clean and sparkly while you are busy carrying on with the rest of your life. As far as appliances go, dishwashers require remarkably little maintenance. However, sometimes your machine can go rogue and wreak havoc, leaving you with a need for water damage cleanup, Longmont.

This is why we recommend doing regular checkups on you dishwasher. First, check around the sides and underneath for any signs of dampness or mold. If you find either, you probably need to call a professional for repair. By doing this checkup, you will catch problems early, while they are small and easy to fix. It is also vital to check around the rotating wheel and drains inside of your unit to make sure it is not clogged or filled with debris. These simple steps will keep your dishes clean, and your home dry. 


Many people need Laramie water damage cleanup because of a malfunctioning washing machine or dishwasher. Sure, you may be gloating over your new appliance, but even new appliances and hoses that claim to be burst-free can wear out over time.

The key to prevention is regular inspection. Make sure you walk around your washing machine regularly to make sure that nothing is leaking or broken. Your washing machine should be at least four inches away from the water connection so that the hose does not kink or pull. This undue pressure can even cause the hose to break. If you notice any cracks in the hose, we recommend replacing it or calling a professional to do it for you.